Weekend Masterclass with Sergio and Gema

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I want to thank everyone who shared the fantastic weekend masterclass with us – and a big thank you of course to the teachers – Sergio and Gema.

As one of our group commented, as we were walking down Walworth road after a good Cuban lunch, if it hadn’t been for the London weather, we could have been in Spain, or Latin America.  Having started the weekend with intense but fun tuition, we had taken a break for a good mediterranean-style lunch, and were now on our way back, joking and bantering in a mix of English and Spanish and everything in-between.

According to Gema ‘Enjoying it is the most important part’, and we were certainly doing that.  Our class was mainly comprised of complete tango beginners, but everyone was picking up the basics very well.  So well, in fact, that we all decided to go to the Milonga held at the Crypt at Clerkenwell later that evening to try out our new skills.

That was truly a babtism of fire, and we stumbled, and no doubt bumped into far too many people (sorry!), but we had such a fabulous time – and really got a sense of being out there and dancing.  Everyone loved the milonga, the great setting, the dancers, the welcoming organisers, and we had a great evening out.

The next day, Sunday, was a trifle more subdued and quite some quantity of coffee was consumed before the tuition started.  However, using our milonga experience from the night before as a base, Sergio instructed the gentlemen in the art of leading their partner around the room, avoiding obstacles and getting out of the way when necessary.  In half an hour, everyone was practicing these new skills around strategically placed chairs.

We then worked on a couple of new figures, and by this time, it was time to let Sergio and Gema return to Spain.

On the way back home, on the top deck of the bus,tired, and having danced more in one go than I ever have, I watched  London traffic spreading out in front of me in tango patterns and to the strains of tango music!  Tango overload?  Perhaps, but traffic is so much more pleasant experienced like this.

Here are a few comments from the weekend:

‘Dancing in a space… there’s something very elemental about that situation’ Jonathan

‘ I’ll take those steps away and hopefully join in another class and practice more so I’m ready for the next time them come over’ Juliet

In general, everyone felt energised, and there were many realisations, one of them being just how freeing it is to be ‘allowed’ to be fully a woman for once!

However, I hope that some of the attendees themselves will let you know how it was for them by contributing to this blog.

Until next time,