5 Top Tips for Beginners

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  1. Getting the basics of tango is easy – not difficult.
    Getting to be good will be like anything and take some practice – but getting the basics is easy. 
  2. Tango’s USP is Passion.  Yet sometimes I wonder whether it shouldn’t be Drama. Or Passion and Drama, Drama and Passion.  Drama and Fun.  Find the mix that works for you. 
  3. Many teachers read from the same manual – the manual is not always right.  Make sure you find a teacher you are happy with.  If you’re putting in the hours and are not learning, change teachers. 
  4. We are not in 1930s Argentina today.  This means that you have a choice with your tango – you can go traditional, or modern.  There are many styles of dancing, many styles of music, many styles of Milongas – each with their own fervent supporters.  Go explore.
  5. Have fun!  We dance to make us feel alive and in the moment.  Do you feel alive?