Rojo y Negro’s Milonga Pasional

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Saturday night I met with a couple of ladies (gentlemen, where were you?)  from the LoveTango meetup group at the Milonga Pasional organised by Rojo y Negro.

I had never been to any of their events of classes before, so it was great to come in during their festival week, which included workshops, visiting artists and nightly milongas.  I met with Bianca and Kate, who were very welcoming, and obviously very busy behind the scenes!

The milonga was impeccably organised – a live band with singer (lovely), a DJ, tango shoe-sale, tango-art, projected tango-art, and an outstanding performance by Anibal and Valeria, who actually moved many of the spectators to tears with one emotional piece.  Their other dances were breathtaking too, incredibly fast and accurate technique as well as beautiful choreography.

It was a busy night, with lots of excellent dancers on the floor, and drinks could be bought at very reasonable prices from the bar downstairs.

This is an event for the real aficionado though: the crowd are regulars, they are serious about their tango,  they tend to dance with each other, or exclusively with their partners, and it might take a while for a newbie to their group to break in.  I remained a spectator for the evening,  and I came away thinking that if your aim is to get serious about your dancing you could do worse than attend these events, but be prepared to persist to break into the circle.