Tanja at El Jardin - by LynnLove Tango Blog

I set up this blog to provide information for all lovers of tango – whether you are a pro, a beginner, or still to dip your toes into your first lesson.

Starting your tango journey can be intimidating, as well as exciting.  Which classes should you go to?  What styles of dancing are there?  What is the best milonga etiquette?  What if I’m really terrible?  I don’t know anyone!

Doesn’t sound like much fun.  Yet dancing should be fun, and sociable.  If I can help you find your feet within the tango world with this blog, I will be very happy indeed!

So, dip in, and check out the contents:

  • Reviews of classes and milongas.
  • Opinion pieces.
  • Discussion.  (please feel free to take part!)
  • Links to tango trips and other fun events.
  • Links to all manner of things tango – videos, shoes, other informative sites etc

Love Tango Meetup Group

Why not join us in person?

The Love Tango meetup group was born out of a frustration with how difficult the London tango community was to enter for someone new to it.  As a newcomer, I almost gave up dancing as I found I was not enjoying myself – at milongas, I knew no-one and did not get to dance much.  Many classes I tried were a disappointment for various reasons (and expensive to go regularly).  Eventually, though, I broke through, and now enjoy the varied tango life London has to offer.

However, I know many people now have the same problems that I did to begin with, so I created Love Tango meetups.  We are a friendly community, and we meet up to go to tango-related events together – and even travel abroad.

Check it out on  www.meetup.com/lovetango

See you soon,

Tanja x